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Extralube ZX1 C60 Spray Lube 300ml


Extralube ZX1 C60 Spray Lube 300ml

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Extralube ZX1 C60 Spray Lube is the only spray lube you will ever need, it has been specifically designed to deliver industrial strength lubricant with tremendous penetrating properties reinforced with Extralube ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment which dramatically reduces friction.

Its ability to perform in extreme ranges of temperature and hostile offshore situations has confirmed its success where other spray lubes have failed.

Extralube ZX1 C60 penetrates and loosens rusted parts, even those where a hacksaw appears to be the last resort, frees jammed mechanisms, displaces moisture, invaluable under any engine cover especially when damp conditions prevail.

Being long time users of this fantastic product ourselves we can vouch for it 100% and from personal experience it is one of those products that leaves you wondering how on earth you managed without it.

C60 Spray Lube is a fantastically versatile and stable lubricant, penetrating oil and water displacement product unrivalled in its class.

The trigger spray application has been adopted by Extralube as an alternative to aerosol sprays and is a cleaner and greener way to apply what has been described as “The Engineers Friend”.

To view the manufacturers MSDS certificate click HERE

To look at C76 Micro Lube Pin Oiler click HERE

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