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Author Topic: ZX1 in Motorsport  (Read 5437 times)

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ZX1 in Motorsport
« on: 21 September, 2011, 11:17:17 AM »
Firstly I will tell you a little about myself. My name is Daniel McKenzie and I have raced in cars now for 7 years. Currently I am racing in the Renault 3.5 world series championship.

In Motorsport every tenth of a second counts, and in most cases half a tenth is also very useful! Making sure I'm getting everything out of the car is my job but the job that most people don't see is making the car use it's full potential too. This is where maintenance on the car is crucial. If the car isn't being maintained to the highest standard's you really don't have much hope of success. Since being in cars I have noticed the same products being used to help with maintaining the car to the highest of standards. And no surprise this brand is ZX1.

There is always a pot of ZX1 super grease on the top of a Lister/tool drawn which is used almost every run on the car. With wheels being changed almost every run the stub axles get pretty well used. Super grease aids changing the wheels quickly and smoothly and also reduced the amount of servicing the part is needed afterwards. Super grease is also used on the airguns to help glide on the socket to the nut. Every tenth of a second counts and in a pit-stop this could be that difference.

The uses for the ZX1 are limitless. We use the grease for many uses some of which are: Bearings, CV joints, stub axles, air guns. The ZX1 C60 range is one of the most useful tool to our disposal for keeping the car rust free during transportation and helping loosen bolts that have locked up after wet driving.

Even on my road car I use ZX1. The micro oil is used in almost every application I can. From in the engine oil and gearbox oil to general usage in the fuel and coolant. I find it helps keep my road car running well and certainly helps reduce the fuel costs.

It's all good and well having expensive tools but without the lubricants that service the parts you work on you wont ever see the car's full potential.


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